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​About Naomiya Clinic

​ As a local doctor, I provide examinations and medical care while staying close to patients and their families. We are registered as a pediatric family doctor and a home support clinic, so we are always available for consultation. We also introduce large hospitals such as university hospitals, metropolitan hospitals, and national hospitals as collaborating doctors. Fortunately, there are many hospitals in this area that treat both children and adults, and there are many excellent doctors in the pediatrics department, where there is a shortage of doctors. We will continue to work closely with these doctors.

​Director introduction

In 1980, I obtained a medical license, and from the same year to 1987, I engaged in research on how to diagnose respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, and hematological tumors as well as early diagnosis of cancer recurrence at the Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical University. . In 1986, he was conferred a doctorate in medicine for the development of a method for detecting abnormalities in the immune system. In order to improve my clinical skills before and after this, I am also in charge of the infectious disease ward of a public hospital, training in pediatrics including neonates and dermatology. As a teacher, he has been teaching the next generation of doctors as a lecturer at a medical college in 1985, as a part-time lecturer in internal medicine at Tokyo Medical University in 1993, as a visiting lecturer at Toho University School of Medicine in 2002, and as a regional clinical professor at Tokyo Medical University since 2012. increase.

From 1986, I started community medicine at our hospital together with the former doctor, and belong to the Pediatrician Association and the Internal Medicine Association of the Setagaya Medical Association.

​ At the pediatrician association, as a kindergarten doctor, we are working to improve the hygienic and educational environment in the kindergarten so that precious little lives can grow up healthy.

Name Kouichi Naomiya

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics/Respiratory/Home Medical Care/Diabetes (Tuesday mornings only)

Birthplace Tokyo

Graduated from Kanazawa Medical University

Completed Graduate School Tokyo Medical University Graduate School

Affiliation Setagaya Medical Association


Certified Pediatric Family Doctor Designated Physician

Home Support Clinic Designated Physician

Tokyo Metropolitan Disability Diagnosis Designated Physician (Respiratory, Cardiac)

Occupational accident designated doctor

Public Assistance Act Designated Physician

​ Tokyo metropolitan infectious disease fixed-point reporting clinic

900~12:00 15:00~18:00 
土曜 9:00~12:00 15:00~17:00






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