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Internal Medicine: Pediatrics/Infectious diseases/Vaccinations/Respiratory medicine/Home visit (Home Medical Care)

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Naomiya Clinic

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Welcome to Naomiya Clinic!

Greetings from Ph.D. Naomiya (physician) to foreign patients who live in Japan or visiting Japan. Our clinic has been providing internal medical care since 1932 as a general practitioner for local residents and school children. Now our medical services have expanded to meet the present medical treatment needs: vaccinations for infants, overseas trips, HA/HBV, Zoster, and pneumococcus; medical checks, clinical examinations, and home visits; referrals/creating introduction letters and appointment arrangements to major hospitals, introduction of interpreters at the clinical examination as well as creating medical certificates. We also have conducted home visits for years. The other day, I was requested to visit an American emergency patient who had suffered from an acute headache at 7 o’clock in the morning. When I arrived at the house in one hour, carrying ultra-sonic inspection apparatus and blood inspection tools, he was very surprised and expressed his appreciation that such service could only be seen in Japan. I believe a wholehearted medical care service, which expresses sympathy while understanding a patient is very important as a general practitioner of a local clinic. We have fundamental examination equipment such as X-ray, blood-test, urine-test, electrocardiogram (ECG), US echo, and rapid infectious disease tests. As for COVID19 testing, we will check a patient who is showing any common symptoms (over 37.5℃, coughing and sore throat) in a separated room. The result is determined in 15 minutes by antigen rapid test and 13 minutes by LAMP test method. My respected an American astronaut, Ellison Onizuka said that ‘Every generation has the obligation to make an effort to pass on to the next generation.’ Bearing his message in my mind, I would like to contribute my best medical treatment for the healthy lives of every child and their parents.

Medical Service

Internal Medicine: Pediatrics/Infectious diseases/Vaccinations/Respiratory medicine/Home visit (Home Medical Care) Pediatrics: health checks for babies/infants, vaccinations, general infectious diseases and allergy treatment such as bronchitis and atopic dermatitis. We also provide care for children who suffer from autistic disorder or adjustment disorders (AD) at schools by a clinical psychotherapist using sand-play therapy and behavior therapy and easing children by understanding their neurodivergent conditions. For adults, we provide typical medical care including health checkups/physical examinations, hypertension, diabetes, bronchial asthma, pulmonary emphysema, bronchitis, gastritis, and colitis. We refer or introduce to major general hospitals for diagnosed patients with diseases such as angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmia, respiratory failure, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, and hepatitis. We will follow your requests. Main hospitals in convenient locations: Tokyo Medical University Hospital, Toho University Ohashi Medical Center, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Mishuku Hospital, Tokai University Tokyo Hospital. Home visit/Home medical care is also available for medical tests (blood test, ultra sound test, and virus/ infection tests)

Naomiya Clinic

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